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A Multimedia arts brand

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Jonny Zerox

& The Remix Society

Home to Jonny Zerox and ‘The Remix Society’

Pathological replicators who cant stop replicating!

A reimagining of the great Andy Warhol’s Silver Art Factory

Creating Art, TV, Film and digital media.

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Jonny Zerox

  • Pop artist and creator with a history in Asia
  • Creator and Interior Designer
  • Director at The Velvet Chapel
  • Catalogue of many works including paintings, digital media, sculptures, instillations and more
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Remix Society

  • Painter, Digital Artist
  • First generation replication
  • Perpetual Replicator
  • Catalogue of many works



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Jemma Krysa

Joanna Bond


Stu Hampton

Heavenly Hedges

  • Resident artist at The Velvet Chapel
  • Perpetual Replicator
  • Digital art, Paintings, Sculpture and Multimedia
  • Co Presenter for podcasts
  • Shamanic Practitioner
  • Dakini at The Velvet Chapel
  • Performance Artist
  • Ceramicist
  • Electric Angel at The Velvet Chapel
  • Resident artists at The Velvet Chapel
  • Photography and Performance
  • Healer and Fairy
  • Lead Presenter for TV show
  • Musician and singer
  • Creative at The Velvet Chapel


Hollywood Benedict

Andy Wormhole

  • Resident artist at The Velvet Chapel
  • Pop Art Extraordinaire
  • Creator of many art forms
  • Instillation Artist
  • Global art creator
  • Mural and Wall art.
  • Lead presenter for TV show
  • Singer, performer
  • Visual artist
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Projects for 2023

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  • Exhibitions of our collective works - a pop art extravaganza. A mind expanding immersive experience from world class artists and performers.
  • Magical Mystery Tour Film and Podcast in our Psychedelic Rolls Royce! Visiting people and areas of interest which exemplify counterculture and the exploration of consciousness.

  • NFT drop featuring exclusive material from Jim Morrison with Stu Hampton as collaborating artist available on Ordzaar

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  • Bitchin collection from Zerox2 on BTC
  • TV Show pilot - coming soon

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original artworks

for sale

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  • We have a large stock of high spec art available for purchase - Original paintings - beautifuly rendered on to Canvas - Click the link for an online exhibition inviting you to see examples.
  • We can manufacture bespoke furniture at our factory - or produce art to any size and standard - let your imagination run wild! produced by world class professional artists. Contact for information and enquiries at -
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The Velvet Chapel

“Home of The Velvet Underground”

So what has a small Welsh town in Carmarthenshire got to do with New York, the development of modern music and the world’s most famous Pop artist Andy Warhol?

Well, world-renowned musician John Cale was born and lived in Garnet. As a young man Cale left for America on a musical scholarship and after being introduced to musician Lou Reed and Andy Warhol they co-founded the experimental rock band “The Velvet Underground”. At the time Andy Warhol opened his studio, "The Factory" in New York, and gathered about him a wide range of artists, writers, musicians, and underground celebrities. It became a hive of creativity and produced and inspired some incredible talent, art, film and music.

Jonny Zerox who describes his art as neo classical postmodern schizophrenia claims that a spiritual revelation drew him to purchase the building after John Cale appeared to him in a dream instructing him to, 'Go forth and multiply!' This he seems to have taken quite literally and with no sign of slowing down.

Acquired the building with the intention of establishing a home / Art gallery, and recreating the atmosphere of Andy Warhol’s Factory Zerox is poised to launch his creative lifestyle brand L.S.D., short for Life Saving Distraction’s, an assortment of popart, original paintings, sculptures, furniture and lifestyle products all of which he assures me are completely unnecessary yet essential items for modern day survival.

about the chapel

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