Velvet Chapel is run by Katie Herron, a stay-at-home homeschooling mama and the Co-Founder of Eve's Victory (a non-profit who sends care packages to families with babies in the NICU or that have lost a child through miscarriage, infant loss, or stillbirth).


Velvet Chapel has been a life long dream. In May 2018, that dream quickly became a reality as Katie decided, almost in a moment, that now was the time. Without any more hesitation, she decided to take a chance and make her dream a reality. The name Velvet Chapel had been chosen about a year before the boutique was ever a concrete deal.
In 2015, Katie and her husband lost a child, through miscarriage, and named that child Chapel. She knew that she wanted to carry that name over into her store and began to brainstorm. With the idea that she wanted to offer a variety of modest clothing, that represented her faith and passion for fashion, as well as options to fit varying budgets, she thought of the word velvet. Velvet means smooth and easy, so she wanted to create an online store that would make the modern women feel comfortable and make it an easy (velvet) place to worship (chapel) her creator in her wardrobe. 


Velvet Chapel gives back 10% off all sales to non-profits all over the US. So, we are thrilled to see you here supporting small businesses and charities with your shopping skills!